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When it comes to accurately diagnosing and treating your pet after he or she has experienced an injury or illness, you can count on our veterinary team to have the latest diagnostic equipment. This including digital radiology and ultrasound machines.

Injuries and Ailments Diagnosed via Radiology and Ultrasounds

Digital images, including ultrasounds, radiographs, MRIs and CT scans are used to diagnose a variety of conditions and ailments in dogs and cats. Common conditions diagnosed include broken bones, joint problems, heart, or lung disease. If our doctors think your pet needs a CT or MRI, we will refer you to a specialty center.

Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound imaging involves using sound waves to create an image on a computer monitor. Ultrasound imaging allows our doctors to better view abdominal structure. Ultrasound imaging is completely painless and does not have any side-effects.


The common term for a radiograph is an x-ray. These images can help diagnose problems and conditions with the bones and joints. X-rays can also be used to diagnose problems with the internal organs as well.

Diagnosing Your Pet’s Ailment or Injury

Our veterinary staff can rapidly diagnose your pet’s injury or condition via x-rays, and radiographs. Our doctors are able to collaborate with veterinary radiologists when needed. Once our doctors understand the depth of your pet’s illness or injury, they will come up with, and discuss a treatment plan with you.

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